This lip-smackingly good recipe for Greek Turkey Burgers was a treat to receive in multiple ways. For starters, it’s beyond delicious, so there’s really nothing more needed from a recipe. BUT, it was also sent from a blast-from-the-past fab friend, AND is the first international submission to land on the WEEK NIGHTS ONLY doorstep – by way of London, England. I’ll spare you all the sentimentality of how cool I REALLY think it is that cooking can connect us all – whether from generation to generation, or good old social media – and move right along to the superb Greek Turkey Burger recipe. Recipe thanks to JCM who says it’s a current hit at home. And a few words to the wise, I actually forgot to pick up the red onion at the market (!!), flailed on how to defrost the frozen spinach in time, AND didn’t even put the feta in the ground turkey mix – AND THEY WERE STILL AMAZING! PS: The homemade tzatziki with fresh dill and cucumbers might be my new favorite food item ever (for any non dairy peeps out there I substituted Veganaise for the greek yogurt) – and these are definitely going to be a summer go-to.
xo CH