TO TAOS (and tacos) WITH LOVE

It’s already been a few days since Taos, but my mouth still waters just THINKING about my Orlando’s burrito, my St. Bernard cocktail, and, maybe best of all: the cardamom and frothed milk cup-o-coffee my sis in law served before our fam set off to finish our Spring Break road trip. How to cope with re-entry? First day back in the Northeast, I cooked up egg, bean, and cheese breakfast burritos, some TURKEY TACOS for lunch (hard and soft shell), and some WHITE BEAN AND CHICKEN CHILI in the slow cooker for dinner (served in taco shells, of course). Though these TURKEY TACOS should have been the first recipe I ever added to the site, based on number of times cooked, it’s on there now – hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

xo CH