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Aaaaaahhhhh…take a DEEP breathe, and welcome to WEEK NIGHTS ONLY – your GO TO spot for SLAM DUNK weeknight recipes. No matter what’s going on in the world outside, there’s one question we face EVERY DAY – what’s for dinner?

One particular night, foraging a dinner of same old same olds, a lightbulb went off and I immediately send out some SOS texts asking friends to send me their one “NEVER FAIL” weeknight recipe.

The mission of WEEK NIGHTS ONLY is to collect and share THOSE recipes, the ones we love and love us back. In fact, feel free to cook any of these recipes ANYTIME, just know on a busy weeknight, you’ve got a recipe friend.

The only criteria for each and every recipe on this site is that it represents, for the sender, their GO-TO dinner. When I was sent an amazing CHICKEN SHAWARMA recipe, my mind was blown how the simple tip of marinating in the morning could make this seemingly complicated, out-of-this-world dinner, a weeknight go-to.  All it takes is knowing that for SOMEONE it is, and then it’s up to us if it earns a spot on our greatest hits list.

So head on over to the RECIPE ARCHIVE for a complete list of dinner recipes, or to LATEST RECIPES to see the newest additions. And don’t miss PANTRY & TOOLS and SIDES for some more go-to scoop.

And for all those weeknight cooks out there that struggle with allergies or intolerances, for either themselves or their family, please know I am right there with you. I tweak recipes on a daily basis to suit our needs, but having a fab recipe to start with makes it SO much easier, and a lot more fun too

PS: Any and all weeknight favorites welcome! Can be, but doesn’t have to be, fancy or original – just send credit link. Crockpot recipes welcome too!

Send to: And feel free to subscribe on the home page to have the latest and greatest recipe submissions sent right to your inbox. Like Social? Check out @weeknightsonly on instagram too.

PPS: A special shout out to the Princeton, NJ crew who were so willing to share their favorites and help start the ball rolling on a “tried and true” recipe collective.


xo CH