Ok, ok. Life changing may be a BIT much.  But not really. Because this was one of the earliest recipes submitted by a friend (who got it from a friend) to Week Nights Only – and it instantly epitomized what I hoped to gain from the site. A recipe I had never made before in my life, and one that at first glance I would have written off as WAY too intimidating to make on a weekend, let alone a weeknight. But because I knew it was SOMEONE’s go to as a favorite weeknight dinner, that’s all I needed to get past my “I can’t make a NY Times recipe” and “marinate in the morning – that’s way too much work” mentality.  And thank goodness…because sitting down to this mouth-watering dinner was not only a treat for the taste buds, it symbolized my highest hopes of creating and sharing a recipe collective of the tried and true.  Tip: The morning marinade takes about 2 minutes – then all the work is done for the evening other than the preheat and roasting. I served over my fave Jasmati rice. So, without further ado, behold Oven Roasted Chicken Shawarma. If that link isn’t working for you, try this one. Recipe thanks to JF via LC! JF notes: Super easy and really delicious. Kids love too. I leave out cinnamon and red pepper flakes for various taste buds here and it still turns out great. We do chopped red pepper and cucumber (red onion good too) plus tzatziki as toppings for our middle eastern taco night.

xo CH