Out To Sea

A move to an island 30 miles out to sea poses the question (among many) what to pack from the kitchen? The basics were covered (heading to a furnished spot) though I had grand plans to bring my favorite gadgets, gear, and of course beloved cookbooks. Well, two packed-to-the-gills cars later I realized my kitchen box was a pipe dream, but I was able to sneak in my absolute must haves: Le Creuset Dutch Oven, Santoku Chef Knfe, Double Oven Mitt, Digital Meat/Baking Thermometer, my fave Timer, and last but not least, my beloved Milk Frother. It was actually kind of cool to pare it down to the absolute essentials to feel at home in any kitchen. And best of all, I realized that even though I couldn’t pack up my stack of cookbooks, thanks to weeknightsonly.com I have access to this amazing collection of tried and trues! I will enjoy cooking all these recipes and will certainly have a smile on my face thinking of all those who shared their go-to faves. Happy Cooking to all in kitchens old and new! PS: Visit PANTRY & TOOLS page for all the scoop on items mentioned above, and loads more.