Grandma Maroni’s Meatballs

Adding this recipe to the site brings a big smile to my face, not only because these scrumptious meatballs were brought to me by a few years ago by a dear friend – as possibly the BEST hostess gift ever (they even arrived in their own adorable pot ready to cook!) – but also because it’s my very first child submission to Week Nights Only!

When I recently chatted with this same friend about their family’s current weeknight fave, she sent her teenage daughter’s go-to (!!). The super cool LP makes these for dinner, much to the delight of her very lucky parents. YUM.

I had no clue the recipe was available for homecooking, so I am very excited to try these. Hope you enjoy Northport, L.I.’s finest: Grandma Maroni’s Meatballs (100 Year Old Recipe).